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Our Homecoming Singings is proving to be a source of tremendous blessings for the Lakeland's SGMA. The unity and single minded

service of the groups open up to invite God's power into the room. HIS power and presence is so real that you can actually feel the

excitement in the air. We give a special thanks to the host churches and to all the folks who come out to worship with us.



Mission Statement


FIRST AND FOREMOST we dedicate ourselves to spreading the name of Jesus and sharing testimonies of salvation through the

singing and playing of Southern Gospel Music. We believe the performance of Southern Gospel Music to be a ministry that knows no boundaries such as denomination, race, financial, or personal prejudice. Southern Gospel Music is a means for us to praise, spread

the name of Jesus, and win the lost for HIM.


SECOND, this organization is dedicated to serve each member group. To sponsor singings and events which promote Southern

Gospel Music. We will share positive experiences, training, support, and prayer for each member, group, and ministry.





The 2015 Schedule has been finalized and is now posted on our Schedule Page.  We apologize for the delay but we hope that you

will be able to attend one of our Homecoming Singings this year.


We now have a Facebook Page that you can visit, like us, leave a comment, or even a prayer request.


Speaking of Prayer Requests, we have a dedicated body of believers that have a strong prayer life.  Our association is constantly

distributing prayer requests via email or phone, and our prayer partners are dedicated to praying for anyone that asks them too.

Feel free to leave us a prayer need or request on our Facebook Page and we will join you in seeking the Lord's Will and Way, no

matter the situation.





Lakelands GMA

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The Lakeland's SGMA Contact Information is also located at the bottom of each page of this website.


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