Welcome to the SGMA : Our Homecoming Singings are proving to a source of tremendous blessings for the Lakelands SGMA. The unity and single minded service of the groups open up to invite God's power into the room.
His Power and Presence is so real you can actually feel the excitement in the air. We give a special thanks to the host churches and to all the folks who comes out and worship with us.

Mission Statement : First and foremost we dedicate ourselves to spreading the name of Jesus and sharing testimonies of Salvation through the singing and playing of Southern Gospel Music.
We believe the worship to our God through Southern Gospel Music to be a ministry that knows no boundaries such as Denomination Race, Financial or Personal Prejudice. Southern Gospel Music is a means for us to praise and spread the name of Jesus. Win the lost for Him. This organization is dedicated to serve each member of every group. To sponsor singings and events which promote Southern Gospel Music. We will share positive, experiences, training, support and prayer for each member, group and ministry.