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The Epps Family

The Epps Family Has picked up the mantle where Haynie Epps left off. There number goal is to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ. To do this they chose the same traditional southern gospel music that their fathers, father-in-law and grandfather Haynie Epps instilled in them down through the years as a vehicle along this musical path and the Bible as a road map. That's the life he lived, that's the life he loved and that's the legacy he leaves. Hayne's wife Rachel Epps felt the call to begin this singing ministry and his dad William Epps was a preacher. They pray that their ministry will continue to bless the lives and touching hearts of those they come in contact with. The group now includes two of Haynie's girls, Wanda Epps Kanipe and Angela Epps Kanipe. Wanda's husband Terry Kanipe, their sons William (Willie) Kanipe (Drummer) and Jacob Kanipe (Bass). They credit their parents Haynie and Diane and grandparents for instilling the love of God and the love of music in their hearts and being obedient to His will. They truly are a family group and very dedicated to spread the gospel and the good new that Jesus is still alive and is in the healing business. With God guiding every step of the way they've been blessed to sing and minister too many. God has clearly placed His hand on this group and has chosen to bless their step of faith for His Glory. They have been blessed in so many ways with every need met. They can honestly say every mile has been worth the journey and what a journey it has been.

The Epps Family 864-569-4344