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Ralph Williams

Praise God in the morning, Praise Him at noontime and Praise Him in the evening. I am a singer at heart. My wife will tell you I am constantly singing, humming or whistling something. Sometimes I do this and do not realize what I am doing. I just get caught up wit a melody and run with it.

I got saved at the tender age of ten at the Second Baptist Church in Laurens, SC.

I knew God had something special for me to do at a young age. I remember in the seventh grade the teacher ask the class who was their favorite hero. Some answered superman, some said batman and etc… When it came my time I said the Lord Jesus Christ. This was a time when God still meant something to this country. I still remember the looks I got from everyone in the class including the teacher. That was my first time standing up for Jesus, but not my last.

I thank God for everything that I am and have. I thank Him for my wonderful wife. Without Him I would be nothing. I am glad he saw something in me a long time ago that was worth saving. Praise God and Thank You Jesus.

Ralph Williams 864-984-8887 or 864-684-0603