Biography : The Lakeland's Southern Gospel Music Association chartered in February 2002 with five (5) groups. As of February 2017 we share a membership of 15+ groups, consisting of quartets, trios, duets and soloist. Each Lakeland’s SGMA Member is a semi and/or professional ministry team that dedicates its talent to guiding lost souls to a life more abundant through Jesus Christ.

Based out of Greenwood SC the Lakeland's SGMA hosts several singings a year throughout South Carolina. These singings are mostly “Homecoming Style Singings” with group members forming a Southern Gospel Choir to share songs out of the “Old Red Back Hymnal” plus other “Songs of the Church”. The program focus is on the choir bringing back the Old Convention Songs that everyone grew up with while providing a “Spotlight Performance” of each participating group. In The Spotlight, each group is allowed time to share their individual talents and testimony through song.

When requested, The Lakeland's SGMA will conduct a Quartet style singing. Quartet Style Singings consist of three (3) to five (5) groups performing their music program. These singings place more focus on the individual group performances rather than the choir, but the goal remains the same, Sharing Jesus.

Regardless of which style program is chosen, The Lakeland’s SGMA will work diligently to provide your church with a professionally oriented time of worship through song.

The primary goal on the Lakeland's SGMA is to see lost people Saved and Saved people drawn closer to Christ.